College Cooking Class - Simple fresh pasta.

29/10/2008 - 19:10
29/10/2008 - 21:30

Impromptu cooking class: Simple pasta making. We'll make some simple pasta, cook it and eat it. If you've never made pasta before, here's a chance to try it out. Also I've got a surprise ingredient to eat it with... 5 places. Event cost £0.50p. Location: An East Oxford kitchen.

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Still not sure if I'm on the

Still not sure if I'm on the list or not - should i come?

Yeah come along!!



Hi! Just wondering where exactly you are? Am really keen, but depends on how far a walk from Holywell street?


Jen de Beyer

From Holywell street.

It's approx 30 minute walk from holywell street. There are also buses, city 15 to the top of morrell avenue.
I'll email you the exact address.

I would like to go

I would like to go - can I take one of the remaining spaces?

Ben-Storrs is in also. 3

Ben-Storrs is in also. 3 Places to go!

Count me in!

Are you making it by hand or using a pasta press? If it's the former
count me in! otherwise, I've made pasta with a machine before, so you
should probably let someone else have a go!

It'll be hand made.

You're in! It'll be hand made.

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