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Slow Food Student: The student food hub - helping each other to find, cook and enjoy good food in Oxford...without breaking the bank.

We believe that all students, despite the popular myth that we live on baked beans and super-noodles, can successfully make the life-style choice to support local food cultures and economies, through the cooking and enjoyment of good food. With the help of this website should you will be able to find those places that encourage you to take more time over cooking and broaden your culinary horizons, whilst, obviously, being far more beneficial for your health than your average kebab!

In this website you’ll find (and be able to give) general advice on the practicalities of making this ethos an important part of your life, without it taking over your day or burning too great a hole in your wallet. Being a discriminating consumer includes not eating meat for every meal (which will save you money) as well as avoiding products of disreputable origin. It takes a bit more thought than your average supermarket sweep, but the end product of a diet varying daily and with the seasons, whilst being based on food produced nearby, should more than make up for that.

In 'Recipes' you can see what dishes other students think we should be cooking, which you can comment on, or suggest possible variations to, and of course you can post your own favourite recipes that you think will appeal to students of every type: those who have crap cooking facilities; those with little time; those with little money; and those who haven’t really cooked much before…or even a crazy combination of all of those categories (this might apply to students in general, really). I’m hoping that we’ll soon find that even students with little time, not much money, and even less skill are trying out more recipes, are spending more time over cooking and are caring more about the origin of their ingredients…and are getting satisfaction from the whole thing.

Check out the latest Forum posts to see what other students are talking about at the moment and to make your own suggestions. This is also the place to post any queries that you have.

If you’re looking for local ingredients, quality producers and sellers, farmers’ markets, general advice for different parts of town, then you should find your needs catered for in 'Advice'…and if not, then help out your fellow students by pointing them towards the best food places in Oxford. The website is a collaborative effort; every reader should be a writer.

As an offshoot of Slow Food UK, we are part of the national organisation’s drive towards broadening the social spectrum of people believing that things locally, traditionally, and carefully produced or crafted are preferable to their standardised, fashionable and shoddy alternatives. Through protecting and invigorating that which makes our local area unique and by supporting the producers who take great pride and care in their work, we can start to feel rooted in our community, all the time rediscovering the joys of sharing good food. Indeed, as Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food, has said, in the 21st century “any gastronome who is not an environmentalist is stupid, and any environmentalist who is not a gastronome is sad”. We live in an age in which it is irresponsible not to take on board the social, economic and environmental consequences of our consumer habits, so it is more important than ever to act in a considered manner with regard to the food we eat. Furthermore, the act of sharing a meal with friends and family and savouring the taste of quality ingredients is also one of the greatest pleasures of life, so he’s saying that you shouldn’t be boring either!

Check out the rest of the site to see how we students can help each other to embrace ‘Slow’ living and become part of Oxford's food community. The more you use and update the site, the better a resource it becomes for every student in Oxford on all matters food-related.

Ted Maxwell
Slow Food Student

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