Welcome to Slow Food Student

The student food hub: helping each other to find, cook and enjoy good food in Oxford...without breaking the bank.

Slow Food Student is an offshoot of Slow Food UK made up entirely of university students and as such we want to help spread support for local food cultures and economies amongst the student population. The best way to do this is by cooking and enjoying good food, and by sharing information, knowledge and ideas on the website. There is information and advice for all students already up here, but let’s keep it expanding: if you have something to say, then put it up in the relevant category.

  • “Advice” and “Recipes” are where you’ll find things like particular places to look out for and of course all the recipes that other students think you should try. Anything from short notes to larger pieces of food literature is encouraged.
  • The site should encourage you to look beyond your nearest supermarket and to support your local producers, as students recommend shops, delis, markets, cafes and food events
  • Become part of the international Slow Food movement, and be responsible in your consumer choices, whilst still enjoying the act of sharing a tasty meal
  • By using and updating this site, you can help to make Slow Food Student a thriving hub for students in Oxford on all matters food-related

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